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The Union of Liberian Association in the Americas (ULAA), use to be a very powerful political force advocating for Diaspora Liberian students here in the United States of America (USA) and fellow Liberians at home.

However, we have no historical fact or have ever heard that ULAA ever did anything covertly or overtly in Canada or other Northern America Countries for which it still bears the nomenclature ending with the word “AMERICAS” rather than just AMERICA.

There are no historical facts to support or justify the inclusion of other North American Countries when as a matter of fact; ULAA does not really exist there, or done has done or said anything tangible in the interest of Liberians who may be living there.

The EDITORIAL BOARD OF THE INDEPENDENT EYE NEWS (IEN) is of the strongest conviction therefore, that the UNION OF LIBERIAN ASSOCIATION IN THE AMERICAS; should change its nomenclature by dropping the “S” on the Americas.

Our conviction is based on the fact that as the nomenclatures connotes, ULAA is suppose to have covered all north American Countries since its formation nearly a century ago now, unfortunately this has never been the case.

We challenge ULAA’s organizers to adduce any evidence tangible or otherwise to the contrary, to disprove our claims. This is issue number one which brings into play our question. “DOES ULLA STILL HAVE RELEVANCE?

The second issue is ULAA’s history. During the 1970s and 80s, ULAA used to be a very powerful political force advocating for Diaspora Liberian students as well as Liberians at home on various issues of interest.

ULAA use to be an advocacy group for equal opportunity, social justice, economic emancipation, and freedoms of press and of speech, political transformation of the country from a one party to a multi-party democratic system etc.

The United States State Department was like ULAA’s first and second offices. ULAA was pressurizing the United States Government to do something about the appalling and inhumane conditions affecting the Liberian people.

Unfortunately today, since the end of the nearly fifteen year old massacre after massacre in Liberia, ULAA has practically lost her barren and sense of direction. Like almost all other Liberian Community organizations, political fight brook up with two ULAAs emerging.

The mainstream ULAA with some “Member Chapters,” led by Mr. Gaye Duweh Sleh and Wilmot Kunney as National Administrative President and National Board Chair respectively and another chapter-less ULAA, led by Dr. Mariah Seaton and Mr. James Nah Larsah as National President and National Board Chair, respectively.

While their fight was going on, ULAA lost her barren in the process. It became unknown whether or not ULAA was transformed at that point from a POLITICAL ADVOCACY to a POLITICAL SPRINGBOARD for lucrative Liberian Government jobs for ULAA Executives?

To add insult to injury, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf compounded the ULAA’s woes by exploiting the process and technically recognizing the “two ULLAS,” a very cleaver strategy designed by her administration to contain ULAA’s advocacy.

President Johnson-Sirleaf knew full well that a united ULAA would have definitely become her worst nightmare by adding to her own woes including her lack of political will to punish our Economic Vampires.

It is worth noting that those Economic Vampires include herself, her children and the facilitators of the fifteen year old war, who are now masquerading as leaders and are continuing to suck the economic life blood of the Liberian people.

Her strategy in our own estimation, worked very well for her as neither of the ULAAs was focused on her. They were busy fighting each other, while she and her Economic Vampires were busy looting and mortgaging our natural resources to the outside world, one after another.

The third issue is ULAA’s electoral system; the so-called “DELLEGATE SYSTEM.” In this system, only twenty-five (25) delegates are chosen to represent not all fifty states of the United States, but only “ULAA MEMBER STATES.”

What it means is that when there is no ULAA Chapter in a given state, the thousands of Liberians who live in that state, are automatically excluded from ULAA’a electoral process. This is the kind of democracy ULAA is practicing ohooooo my people!.

What a pity? It makes us wonder whether this was the same powerful ULAA we use to hear about in the 70s and 80s? Is this the same ULAA that used to hold the Liberian Government’s feet to the fire? Is this the same ULAA that use to mount pressure on the US State Department? That’s unbelievable!

We, the Editorial Board of the INDEPENDENT EYE NEWS, classify this kind of system, “POLITICS OF EXCLUSION.” We believe this is most undemocratic and absolutely unacceptable especially in this 21st century and in the GREAT UNITED STATES of AMERICA.

Our concern is deeply rooted in the selection process of the so-called “DELEGATES” who are not even elected instead; they are bought by anybody with the deepest wallet.

Once one has the money to buy the most “DELEGATES,” including paying for their plane and/or vehicle fares, hotel bills and probable food, you are certain to win ULAA’s leadership elections any day, any time.

Is this the kind of democracy we are practicing to lead Liberia tomorrow? Are these the people who are questioning the integrity of those in successive Liberian Governments? Liberia is indeed doomed my people. This is why we the Editorial Board of the INDEPENDENT EYE NEWS asked the question, DOES ULAA STILL HAVE RELEVANCE?

As ULAA heads for selection ooophs! “ELECTIONS,” in two weeks (September 16), the Editorial Board of the IEN will bring you our next Editorial which will contain proposals on the way forward for a better ULAA.






On Sunday, August 2, the NYENON-BARLUE TEAM & CHAIRMAN GAYE presented to the GGAA National Board’s Panel of Investigators, a conbined written petition/complaint, classified as a ‘CLASS-ACTION SUIT’ against the Deah Administration.

The Deah Administration then filed a verbal counter claims to the GGAA National Board’s Panel of Investigators, headed Mr. Kai Matthew Whyee, then went into the deliberation and came down with the following verdict after an eight hour marathon hearing.

For the benefit of our readership, the Editorial Board of the Independent Eye News (IEN), elected to publish verbatim, unedited the full text of the National Board Panel’s ruling. Below is the full text.

“Report from the

Investigations by the GGAA Board’s Panel of Investigators

Into the complaints against the Minnesota

Chapter President, Hon Alec Deah and the Elections Commission of the Chapter

Held in Golden Valley, Minnesota

August 2, 2015


On Sunday, August 26, 2015, the Board of Directors of the Grand Gedeh Associations in the Americas, Inc., (GGAA) convened a special session of the Board to discuss the letter from the National President, His Excellency, Fred Tarlue Gwyan.

In the letter addressed to the National Chairman of the Board of Directors, Hon. Joe Dweh, the President requested the Board to intervene and investigate the complaints brought against the Elections Commission of the Minnesota Chapter and the local Administration headed by Hon Alec Deah as President.

The complaints were a class action suit sponsored by Hon. Taryon Nyenon and the local Board Chairman, Hon Alex Gaye.

Following lengthy discussions on the matter, members of the Board of Directors unanimously voted to intervene and investigate the case in order to bring about an amicable resolution to the matter.

The Chairman, Hon. Joe Dweh informed the Board that he was heading the high-powered Board’s Panel of investigators to Minnesota to conduct the investigations.

However, in the interest of cost minimization, members of the Board advised the Chairman to appoint a panel of three board members from chapters closer to Minnesota.

Following the decision that was reached through the votes of all members of the board present, the chairman immediately proceeded to appoint the following members:

Hon. Kai-Matthew Whyee——Chairman

Moses Teah ———————-Co-Chairman

Nelson Gaye Wright ————Gen. Secretary

Due to some pressing issues that demanded his immediate attention in his chapter at the time, Hon. Moses Teah could not make the trip. Hon. Whyee and Hon. Wright departed for Minneapolis, Minnesota on Sunday, August 2, 2015.

The Proceeding

Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas National Board Panel of Investigators

Proceedings held on Sunday, August 2, 2015

Venue: 1710 Douglas Drive, Golden Valley, MN 55422

Session called to order at 5:27 P.M. by the GGAA National Board Panel of Investigators’ Chairman, Honorable Kai-Matthew Whyee.

Reading of Agenda

  1. Opening Prayer
  2. Opening Remarks by Hon. Whyee, Chairman of the Panel of Investigators
  3. Introductions of the Opposing Parties
  4. Opening statement by the complainants/plaintiffs
  5. Opening Statement by the Defendants/Respondents
  6. Examinations and Cross Examinations
  7. Recess and Deliberations
  8. Special Closing Remarks by the Opposing Parties
  9. Announcement of Ruling
  10. Closing Prayer
  11. Adjournment of Session
  12. Opening Prayer: Offered by Pastor Moses Taye
  13. Opening Remarks by Chairman Kai-Matthew Whyee

Chairman Whyee began his remarks by introducing the following people as members of the Panel of Investigators:

Honorable Nelson Gaye Wright, Secretary of the Panel

  1. Honorable Moses Teah, Co-Chairman of the Panel

Chairman Whyee then welcomed all Grand Gedehians in Minnesota to the session. He specifically singled out the Elder Council of the GGAA-MN Chapter for taking time off their busy schedules to participate in the proceedings.

He commended both parties to the conflict for mobilizing the Grand Gedeh Community in Minnesota to be in full attendance.

He encouraged all Grand Gedehians in attendance to actively participate in the process, but urged them to be civil so as to not disrupt the proceedings.

He reminded all in attendance that it was important for Grand Gedehians to learn to put aside their differences and work for the common good of the county.

Reading the letter that gave the Panel the mandate to investigate the complaints from the Nyenon-Barlue Presidential and Vice Presidential Team and Honorable Alex Gaye, Chairman Whyee told the attendees and the parties to the conflicts that the Panel’s mandate included the following:

  1. Conduct an investigation into the two formal complaints brought against the Deah Administration by Hon. Alex Gaye, Chairman, Board of Directors, GGAA-MN Chapter, and the Nyenon-Barlue Presidential and Vice Presidential Team.
  2. Amicably resolve the disputes between the two parties, and
  3. The discretionary authority to do whatever that is legally possible to resolve the disputes.

Concluding his remarks, Chairman Whyee asked members of the Elder Council and some former leaders of the GGAA-MN Chapter in attendance, to actively follow the proceedings.

According to him, while it was true that the Panel was able to resolve the disputes, it was important to involve members of the chapter in the deliberations and resolution of the conflicts.

Their wisdom and inside knowledge of the chapter, Chairman Whyee said, were necessary for a peaceful and lasting resolution of the disputes.

Introductions of Parties in the Disputes

  1. The Complainants

The Complainants in the Disputes were represented by the Following People:

  1. Tarnyon Nyenon, of the Nyenon-Barlue Presidential & Vice Presidential Team
  2. Alex Gaye, Chairman, Board of Directors, GGAA, MN Chapter
  3. Arthur Kannah, former President, GGAA, MN Chapter
  4. Bobby Hilary Todey, Member, GGAA, MN Chapter
  5. The Respondents were Represented by the Following Administration Officials:
  6. Alec C. Deah, President, GGAA, MN Chapter
  7. Ronald Free, Chief of Staff to the President and Chairman of the Membership Committee
  8. Floyd George, Advisor to the President
  9. Elijah Sampson, Political Advisor to the President
  • Opening Statement by the Complainants

Honorable Tarnyon Nyenon delivered the opening statement on behalf of the complainants. The complaints were predicated on four (4) major issues:

Disqualification of the entire Nyenon-Barlue Team from Contesting in the upcoming 2015 GGAA-MN Chapter’s general elections.


  1. Imposition of seventy dollars ($70.00) membership dues as a precondition to exercising the right to vote.
  2. Imposition of an incomplete constitution on the chapter, and


  1. Declaration of all seven (7) seats on the chapter’s board vacant, even though the Board’s tenure is not due to expire until August of 2016.
  2. Disqualification of the entire Nyenon-Barlue Team from Participating in the upcoming 2015 GGAA-MN Chapter’s General Elections

 On the issue of the disqualification of the entire Nyenon-Barlue Team from the electoral process, the complainants explained that the Elections Commission disqualified the entire Nyenon-Barlue Team on grounds that the candidate for the position of secretary, Ms. Vivian Wright, was not a member of the GGAA-MN Chapter.

Even though Ms. Wright might not have met the requirements to participate in the GGAA-MN Chapter’s general elections for 2015, the complainants argued, that alone should not be the reason to disqualify the entire Nyenon-Barlue Team from the electoral process.

Imposition of the seventy ($70.00) Membership dues as a precondition to Exercising the Right to Vote

Arguing against the payment of the $70.00 one year membership dues, the complainants argued that all Grand Gedehians in Minnesota should be allowed to vote whether or not they pay the $70.00 one year membership dues.
While the complainants agreed that every member of the GGAA-MN Chapter should pay his or her membership dues in order to sustain the organization, they argued that due payments should never be tied to the right to vote.
The complainants claimed that voting is an inalienable right that cannot be given or withdrawn by anyone or group of people.

  1. Imposition of an Incomplete Constitution on the Chapter


Regarding the imposition of an incomplete constitution on the GGAA-MN Chapter, the complainants advanced the following arguments against the completeness of the constitution:


  1. Failure on the part of the administration to appoint a Constitution Review Commission to review the draft Constitution prior to its adoption by the General Body.
  2. The membership of the GGAA-MN Chapter was not given the opportunity to review the Constitution prior to its adoption.
  3. The Constitution did not contain the signatures of the Chapter’s President; the Chapter’s Chairman of the Board of Directors; the writers of the Constitution; and a signature of the National Board Chairman.
  4. Declaration of all seven (7) seats on the Chapter’s Board vacant, even though the Board’s tenure is not due to expire until August of 2016


On the question of the seven (7) seats that were declared vacant on the GGAA-MN Chapter’s Board, the complainants considered the declaration as unconstitutional.
According to their argument, the incumbent board members were elected under the Minnesota/Iowa Constitution. Under Article VI, Section (1), Clause (A) of said constitution, “Members of the Board of Directors shall serve for the period of three years.”


Given this provision, the complainants contended that whatever new constitution that might currently be in existence in the GGAA-MN Chapter could not in any way cut short the three-year term of the current board members.

The complainants ended their opening statement by asking the Panel of Investigators to invalidate all four (4) decisions that led to the complaints.

They also asked the Panel to appointment an interim administration to replace the Deah administration. According to them, the Deah administration had already exhausted its term and as such it had also lost its legitimacy to oversee the upcoming 2015 general elections.


  1. Opening Statement by the Respondents


In its own defense, the Deah administration countered all arguments raised by the complainants. On the disqualification of the entire Nyenon-Barlue Team from Contesting in the upcoming 2015 GGAA-MN Chapter’s general elections, the Deah administration claimed that the Nyenon-Barlue Team was given ample time to meet all the requirements set in the elections guidelines, but failed to do so.


According to the administration, even though the administration gave the Nyenon-Barlue Team an extra week to be able to produce a complete list of all qualified members on the team, Honorable Nyenon again failed to comply with the time extension.


As the administration put it, Honorable Nyenon’s decision to include Ms. Wright on the Nyenon-Barlue Team was a deliberate attempt on the part of Honorable Nyenon to derail the entire electoral process.


Honorable Nyenon, the respondents claimed, should have known those considered registered and non-registered members of the chapter.


Justifying its decision for the disqualification of the Nyenon-Barlue Team, the administration explained that its decision was based on the fact that the Nyenon-Barlue Team failed to meet all requirements set forth in the elections guidelines.


Responding to the seventy dollars ($70.00) one year membership due payments, the administration argued that organizations, no matter their size, need income in order to sustain themselves. The same is true for the GGAA-MN Chapter.

Making its case further on the $70.00 one year membership due payments, the administration explained that initially a two-year membership dues were required for members who for some reasons had not been able to pay their dues for the two years that Honorable Deah has been the President of the chapter.

Instead of requiring members to pay the two-year membership dues, the administration decided to waive a one year membership dues for all members of the GGAA MN Chapter, thereby requiring all members to pay only a year membership due.

On the question of whether its decision was intended to deprive the people of the GGAA-MN Chapter the right to vote, the administration refuted the claim put forward by the complainants.


In its argument, the administration explained that asking all members to meet their membership requirements to the organization could not be equated to disenfranchisement. Membership due payments, the administration concluded, was nothing new within the GGAA at both the national and local levels.


Concerning the Imposition of an Incomplete Constitution on the GGAA-MN Chapter, the administration denied imposing an incomplete constitution on the people of the GGAA-MN Chapter.


The administration claimed it set up a seven-member constitution committee to draft a new constitution for the GGAA-MN Chapter.

The constitution committee, the administration pointed out, was chaired by Honorable Tarnyon Nyenon, one of the principal complainants in this case. Upon the completion of the draft constitution, the administration asserted, the draft constitution was posted on a website associated with the GGAA-MN Chapter.


Members were then asked to visit this website so as to review the draft constitution and be able to provide comments. That way, the administration continued, the necessary changes or corrections would be made prior to the adoption of the draft constitution at a general meeting.


After the review process, the draft constitution was adopted by the General Body on November 23rd, 2014. Ironically, the administration said, it was baffled to see Honorable Nyenon challenge the completeness of the very constitution which he helped to write.

On the issue of abruptly ending the three-year term of the seven members of the GGAA-MN Chapter’s Board of Directors, the administration argued that the new GGAA-MN Chapter’s Constitution provides for a two-year term for board members.

As a consequence, the constitutional provision under the Minnesota/Iowa Constitution which grants the incumbent board members a three-year term was invalidated by the new GGAA-MN Chapter’s Constitution.


  1. Examinations and Cross Examinations


Both parties traded questions and also produced witnesses. However, a key witness (Mr. Dorbor Kannah) for the complainants was disqualified on grounds that he is a registered member of the GGAA-North Dakota Chapter.

Honorable Kamaty Diahn and Honorable Dusty Kaine, both statesmen within the Grand Gedeh Community in Minnesota, declined to testify as character witnesses for the Deah administration.


According to the two statesmen, they did not want to be seen as taking sides by either party. As they put it, they would rather work with the Panel of Investigators to find a peaceful and lasting resolution to the conflicts.


  1. Recess and Deliberations


After the opening statements, examinations, and cross examinations by both parties, the Chairman, Honorable Kai Matthew Whyee announced that the Panel was taking an hour recess.


The recess period, Honorable Whyee told the attendees, would be used for deliberations. He invited the following prominent members of the GGAA-MN Chapter to take part in the deliberations:


  1. Vo-oryonnoh Wilkins, Leader of the Elder Council, GGAA-MN Chapter
  2. Elder Gordon Miller
  3. Elder Sampson Diahn
  4. Elder William Youlo
  5. Elder Roland Pour
  6. Elder Jerry Zeah
  7. Dusty Kaine
  8. Kamaty Diahn


After a careful analysis of all the arguments presented on both sides, the eleven (11) members participating in the deliberations unanimously reached the following decisions on all four issues raised by the complainants:


  1. Disqualification of the Entire Nyenon-Barlue Team from Contesting in the Upcoming 2015 GGAA-MN Chapter’s General Elections

On this issue, all eleven members agreed that the Nyenon-Barlue Team should be reinstated into the electoral process. However, for Ms. Vivian Wright to be qualified to run on the Nyenon-Barlue Team in the upcoming 2015 GGAA-MN Chapter’s General Elections, she will have to first renounce her membership with any other GGAA Chapter with which she is currently registered.

A letter declaring her membership renouncement to that effect, as well as a letter accepting said renouncement has to be produced to the Elections Commission of the GGAA-MN Chapter. Once Ms. Wright completes this process, she should be allowed back on the Nyenon-Barlue Team.


  1. Imposition of the Seventy Dollars ($70.00) Membership Dues as a Precondition to Exercising the Right to Vote


On the issue of the $70.00 membership due payments for one year, all members agreed that the one year back due payments for all members of the GGAA-MN Chapter should be paid.


However, this decision does not apply to members who are just registering for their first time with the GGAA-MN Chapter. In other words, such members may be required to pay membership dues starting from when they became members of the GGAA-MN Chapter.


It is also the decision of all eleven members that asking members to pay a year membership dues cannot be equated to depriving members of their right to vote. Membership due payments is not a policy that is unique to the GGAA-MN Chapter. It is a policy that is implemented at all levels of the GGAA.


Lastly, the notion that all Grand Gedehians are members of the GGAA-MN Chapter is misleading. Being a Grand Gedehian does not grant one an automatic membership.

One has to meet all the membership requirements in order for one to be considered a registered member of the GGAA-MN Chapter. One of such requirements therefore, is paying all membership dues.


III Imposition of an Incomplete Constitution on the GGAA-MN Chapter

Concerning the question of the imposition of an incomplete constitution, all eleven members were in agreement that the constitution was incomplete.


Nevertheless, the constitution should not be nullified as demanded by the complainants in this case. On the other hand, to be considered complete, the following requirements should be met:


  • A constitution review committee should be set up to review the constitution so as to make the necessary corrections, including, but not limited to grammatical errors.
  • A hard copy of the constitution should be produced so as to contain the signatures of all those who wrote it and reviewed it.


  • It should contain the signature of the GGAA-MN Board Chairman.
  • A copy of said constitution should be sent over to the GGAA National Board for its record.


  • Declaration of all Seven (7) Seats on the GGAA-MN Chapter Board Vacant


All eleven members agreed that all seven members on the board of directors should be allowed to complete their three-year term, as provided for under the GGAA-Minnesota/Iowa Chapter.

Given the current GGAA-MN Chapter’s Constitution was complete; its provision for the two-year term for board membership could still not be applied to current board members.


Put another way, the provision for the two-year term for board membership will only take effect when the current board’s term shall have ended in August of 2016.


  1. Special Closing Remarks by the Opposing Parties


Before announcing the Panel’s decisions, Chairman Kai Matthew Whyee asked all parties involved in the conflicts to deliver a statement of commitment in light of the decisions. On that note, Honorable Alex Gaye took the stand and thanked all Grand Gedehians for attending the proceedings.


He said he and his team were for peace and their intention had never been to divide the GGAA-MN Chapter. As a result, he promised he and his team would accept whatever decision the Panel handed down.


Speaking on behalf of the administration, Honorable Alec Deah also thanked all those attending the proceedings. He said it was important for all Grand Gedehians to be actively involved with the day-to-day activities of the GGAA-MN Chapter.


He said he and his administration were for peace and as such, were ready to work with all Grand Gedehians within the GGAA-MN Chapter to advance the interests of the association.


  1. Announcement of the Ruling


Announcing the decisions, Chairman Whyee told the parties that the decisions reached were based on what is in the best interest of the GGAA-MN Chapter. Everyone, Chairman Whyee urged the parties, had to be willing to give up something for the unity of the Chapter.


To be able to forge ahead, Chairman Whyee continued, Grand Gedehians everywhere should stop the bickering and put the interests of Grand Gedeh above self-interests.

With that, he announced the following rulings:


  • Reinstatement of the Nyenon-Barlue Team.
  • A one year $70.00 membership due payments by all members of the GGAA-MN Chapter.
  • However, the one year back due payment does not apply to newly registered members. Newly registered members will only pay membership dues covering the period from when they became a registered member of the GGAA-MN Chapter.
  • The newly adopted GGAA-MN Chapter’s Constitution is incomplete. Notwithstanding, it shall stand as the Chapter’s Constitution provided it meets the four conditions already outlined in these meeting’s minutes.
  • All seven board members of the GGAA-MN Chapter shall be allowed to exhaust their three-year term as provided for under the GGAA-MN/Iowa Chapter’s Constitution.
  • The two-year term for board membership under the new GGAA-MN Chapter’s Constitution takes effect only after the current board’s term shall have ended in August of 2016.


  1. Singing of the National Anthem and Closing Prayer.


The Closing Prayer was offered by Comfort Wilson.


  • Adjournment


There being no further proceedings, Chairman Kai Matthew Whyee declared the session adjourned.

Session adjourned at 12:10 Mid-night.


Respectfully submitted by the office of the Secretariat,



Hon. Nelson Gaye Wright


Hon. Kai Matthew Whyee, Chairman



Browne O. Jayee



On Saturday, July 27  Mr. Alex Gaye, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Chapter of the Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas (GGAA) Inc., filed a formal complaint against Mr. Alec Deah, President of the Minnesota Chapter.

On Wednesday, July 15, Messrs. Tarnyon Nyenon and Fred Barlue under the banner of the NYENON-BARLUE PRESIDENTIAL & VICE PRESIDENTIAL TEAM, of the Minnesota Chapter also filed another formal complaint against President Deah.

Both complaints, which were addressed to Mr. Fred Tarlue Gwyan, National President of the Gedeh Union, were subsequently forwarded to Mr. Daniel Pyne, Chairman of the Gedeh Union’s National Board of Directors.

Considering the magnatude of the case and the urgency attached to the complaints, Chairman Pyne called an emergency meeting of the GGAA National Board of Directors.

During the National Board’s emergency meeting, Chairman Pyne was enpowered by the Board to appoint a 3-Member Panel of Investigators with a clear mandate of resolving all of the complaints within the Minnesota Chapter.

Two of the 3-Member Panel which comprised Messrs. Kai-Matthew Wayee, Chairman, Moses Teah, Co-Chair and Nelson Gaye Wright as Secretary, proceeded to the State of Minnesota.

Although the Panel’s Co-Chair was absent, Chairman Whyee and Secretary Wright arrived in the Minnesota Chapter on Sunday, August 2 and conducted an eight-hour marathon investigation (4:00pm-20:10am).

The group’s petition statement was read by Mr. Tarnyon Nyenon on behalf of the NYENON-BARLUE PRESIDENTIAL & VICE PRESIDENTIAL TEAM as well as the chapter’s Board Chairman Alex Gaye.

The group made it clear that the two complaints were reduced into a class-action suit against the Deah Administration since their complaints raised similar concerns.

For the benefit of its readership, the Editorial Board of the INDEPENDENT EY NEWS (IEN) has decided to publish verbatim, the entire statement. Below is the full text.

“Mr. Chairman & Distinguished Members of the GGAA National Board Panel of Investigators.

As a result of unfolding developments within our chapter, the NYENON-BARLUE PRESIDENTIAL & VICE PRESIDENTIAL TEAM and Chairman Alex Gaye, were constrained to file a formal complaint to the National President, His Excellency, Fred Tarlue Gwyan, which was constitutionally forwarded to the National Board.

Our decision is pursuant to Article V, Section 3(L) which also empowers the “National Board to assume jurisdiction over all disputes that have been brought to its attention by the National Administration, a Member Chapter, an Individual Member, or Group of Members.”

We emphasized the urgent need for unity in our community because we believe the issues at bar are at the very core of the continued existence of our Union as a united organization over the last forty (40) years.

We felt and still feel that if these issues are not urgently addressed, the UNITYOF PURPOSE of the GEDEH UNION will be severely undermined.

The issues at bar include, but not limited to the following decisions taken by lame duck/outgoing President Alec C. Deah and in other instance in cohort with the Sluward Barway kangaroo Elections Commission. The issues are:

1.“Disqualification” of the entire NYENON-BARLUE TEAM from participating in the electoral process

  1. Imposition of seventy dollars’ (US$70.00) as prepayment of Membership dues on every Member of our chapter as a precondition to exercising ‘OUR RIGHTS TO VOTE. ‘
  2. Imposition of an incomplete constitution on the chapter
  3. Declaration of all seven seats on the chapter’s Board vacant even though the Board’s tenure is not due to expired until August of 2016.

On the “disqualification” of the NYENON-BARLUE TEAM, the Sluward Barway kangaroo Elections Commission says it has “disqualified” our team because it claims our Secretarial Aspirant, Ms. Vivian Wright is not a Member of the Minnesota Chapter.

As a matter of fact, a ($10.00) Membership registration fees and a (US$60.00) 2015 annual dues totaling (US70.00) for Ms. Wright, were rejected by Mr. Randall Free “Membership Committee Chair” who is also a potential candidate for a seat on the chapter’s Board of Directors, even though there is no vacancy on the Board at the moment.

The NYENON-BARLUE TEAM’s disqualification action was taken by the Barway kangaroo Elections Commission in closed collaboration with the Deah Administration.

What was most mindboggling is that the Commission took the decision eight days after the National Board suspended the entire electoral process of our chapter pending a thorough investigation based on another formal complaint.

Additionally, in its continued collaborative initiative President Deah vowed to hold elections as scheduled on Sunday July 19. As proof of our accusation, the Barway kangaroo Commission immediately issued a position statement reaffirming the Deah Administration’s position that elections will be held as scheduled.

Mr. Chairman and distinguished Members, the NYENON-BARLUE TEAM immediately condemned the Deah Administration and the Barway kangaroo Commission’s direct defiance not only to the authority of the National Board, but the entire national leadership of the Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas (GGAA).

The NYENON-BARLUE TEAM described the Deah Administration and Barway Commission’s defiance as nothing but a complete and total insanity. Defiance of the National Board by a chapter president and an Elections Commission are absolutely unthinkable.

We stressed that those actions were not only reckless, disrespectful and irresponsible, but an insult to the leaderships of the National Board of Directors, National Administration and the entire Gedeh Union.

Consequently, the NYENON-BARLUE TEAM called on all sane Grand Gedeans within the Minnesota Chapter to boycott the Sunday, July 19 elections under the canopy of the Barway kangaroo elections Commission, while we patiently awaited the National Board’s arrival in the Minnesota Chapter.

On the issue of the ($70.00), the NYENON-BARLUE TEAMS & Chairman Gaye believe this is an attempt by the Deah Administration to carry out VOTERS’ SUPPRESSION a decision we consider ILLEGAL and were absolutely determined NEVER to honor.

We wish to re-emphasize that voting is an INALIENABLE RIGHT not a PRIVILAGE to be given and/or withdrawn at will by President Deah or anybody else.

While we wholeheartedly support the fact that every member of our chapter and the Gedeh Union is obligated to pay his/her annual Membership dues and meet other necessary requirements, those should NEVER be tied to our RIGHTS TO VOTE.

The Deah Administration’s attempt at this time to use the pending elections to raise funds by trying to deprive Members their INALIENABLE RIGHTS to vote is illegal and unacceptable.

The NYENON-BARLUE TEAM instead proposed that the chapter’s Membership enjoys its right to vote without any FINANCIAL PRE-CONDITION.

We believe if the Deah Administration honestly wanted to raise funds during its two-year tenure, it could have 1. Organized fundraising programs and 2, Write grant proposals to phototrophic organizations, institutions, foundations, or use other legal means.

On the issue of the chapter’s purported “NEW CONSTITUTION,” the NYENON-BARLUE TEAM and Chairman Gaye wish to point out that the document being referred to as the chapter’s new constitution is incomplete.

As such, it does not represent any legitimate document to be considered our chapter’s constitution for the following reasons to wit:

President Deah never appointed a Constitution Review Commission (CRC), to review the document after he appointed Mr. Randall Free to draft a new constitution.

As a result, the Membership never had the opportunity of reviewing it let alone making any import in the document, thus rendering it incomplete and an illegal imposition.

Additionally, for a chapter’s constitution to be accepted, an application MUST first be signed by the Chapter’s President and attested to the Chairman of the Chapter’s Board of Directors.

Subsequently, it MUST be submitted to the National Board and signed by the Chairman or his designee. Unfortunately, none of these conditions were ever met by the Deah Administration.

Attached is an exhibit: Article III, Section II (D) of the GGAA National Constitution states   “the application for Membership (Chapter Status) shall be signed by the President of the local Chapter and attested to by the Chairman of its Board of Directors.”

Assuming the document was sent out to the Membership for review as claimed by the Deah Administration, we are interested in knowing by what means was it sent out? Was it through mass mail by way of the postal system, emails by way of computers, or house to house delivery?

Honorable Chairman and distinguished Members of this Panel, the NYENON-BARLUE TEAM and Chairman Gaye believe that the claim by the Deah Administration that the document/constitution was well circulated and subsequently adopted at a “mass meeting” is absolutely false and lacks any iota of truth.

Our investigation revealed that there were only ten (10) individuals at the Sunday, November 23 meeting at which the purported document was “ADOPTED or APPROVED.”

Mr. Dorbor Kannah who attended that Sunday, November 23 2014 meeting, agreed to testify to this effect. As a matter of fact, Mr. Kannah pleaded with the Deah Administration not to adopt such an important document with just ten individuals present, but his pleas and suggestion were ignored by the Deah Administration as usual.

We are again challenging the Deah Administration to be honest by producing the meanings of that Sunday, November 23, 2014 meeting for the records.

The NYENON-BARLUE TEAM and Chairman Gaye are are challenging the Deah Administration to adduce any evidence to the contrary that the document was widely distributed to the Membership prior to the Sunday, November 23 “adoption.”

We are also challenging the Deah Administration to give reason(s) if any why it kept the purported constitution in secrecy until Sunday, July 7, 2015, nine months after it was reportedly “adopted” at the Sunday, November 23, 2014 meeting?

Mr. Chairman and honorable Members of the GGAA National Board’s Panel of Investigators, in view of the foregoing, the NYENON-BARLUE TEAM and Chairman Gaye consider the document fraudulent in its entirety and fraught with contradictions which could have been avoided if the process were carried out properly with the Membership’s participation.

Another classic example of the fraudulent nature of the document/constitution is the Preamble in which the nomenclature of our chapter read: “GRAND GEDEH ASSOCIATION OF MINNESOTA.”

We want to clarify for the records that we do not have an organization in this state call “GRAND GEDEH ASSOCIATION OF MINNESOTA.” We have a chapter known as the ‘Minnesota Chapter of the Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas (GGAA).’

It is noteworthy to remind you that this is the same nomenclature Mr. Randall Free and his sister, Miss. Aggie Free, who is also running for our Chapter’s presidency, used after they broke away from the Minnesota Chapter in 2009 and stayed away for nearly six years (2009-2014).

Under their purported “new constitution,” under Duty of the Vice President, Article V, Section II, (A) reads: the Vice President shall “CARRY ON THE DUTY OF THE PRESIIDENT DURING HIS ABSENCE.” Attached is an exhibit that this constitution clearly discriminates against women.

It will interest you to note that Aggie Free, a woman, who was also one of the authors of the purported “new constitution,” excluded women from becoming president of the chapter, while in the main time she is running for president in violation of her own constitution.

This is one of the major flaws that the document contains which specifically confirms our claim that it is discriminatory against any woman becoming President of the Minnesota Chapter. Attached is an exhibit:

Under the same document/constitution, Article V, Section III (D) reads; “the Chairperson of the Board shall be entitled to two votes to avoid a tie.” The NYENON-BARLUE TEAM and Chairman Gaye consider this completely laughable at best. Attached is an exhibit:

Chairpersons or nobody else is ever entitled to two votes. Chairpersons usually break ties not avoid them. That is why there are always odd numbers on boards, Commissions, Committees etc.

Again, under Article V, Section III (F), only Minnesota chapter Board Members are required to write their “EXCUSES” to the Chapter’s President if they are unable to attend Chapter mass meetings and those “EXCUSES” are to be read publicly during mass meetings of the Chapter. Attached is another exhibit:

The NYENON-BARLUE TEAM and Chair Gaye again consider this as a design to humiliate Members of the Board and undermine the separation of authority between the Board and the Executive of this chapter and the overall unity of our Union. The motive for this bizarre approach is unknown to us.

The purported new constitution was kept in secrecy from us for nearly nine months (Sunday, November 23, 2014 through Sunday, June 7, 2015), before it was ever released to the Membership; Motives for this is also unknown to us.

Mr. Chairman and distinguished Members of the National Board Panel of Investigators, as a matter of fact, the NYENON-BARLUE TEAM and Chairman Gaye are questioning the authenticity and legality of the purported new constitution.

Our team is calling for the document to be scrapped and that the chapter’s pending elections be held under the Minnesota Chapter or formally the MN/IA Chapter Constitution until the Chapter’s pending Constitution is approved by the Membership.

We also propose that since indeed the Minnesota Chapter is legally under the trusteeship of the National Board at the moment, the Board can either choose to use the National Association’s constitution only for the purpose of these elections.

On the issue of the chapter’s Board seven seats been declared vacant by the Deah Administration through its kangaroo Elections Commission, the NYENON-BARLUE TEAM and Chairman Gaye consider this action illegal. If allow to stand, it will effectively nullify the constitutional mandate of a sitting Board.

Please be notified that the Minnesota Chapter Board’s tenure is not due to expire until August of 2016. The Deah Administration is trying to effectively cut the chapter Board’s tenure by thirteen (13 Months) one year and one month.

Allowing this decision to stand is tantamount to enforcing Expo-fato law meaning retroactively enforcing and nullifying or getting rid of existing laws which were in full force and effect prior to a new law. Note, President Deah claimed his action was based on the purpoted “NEW CONSTITUTION.”

We like to stress that even if the chapter’s purported “new constitution” came into effect last November, according to the Deah Administration, that constitution cannot undo what was already in full force and effect under the Minnesota/Iowa Chapter Constitution.

Granted this were the case, the Minnesota Chapter’s purported “new constitution required that the chapter’s elections be held in May of every year. This means that President Deah’s tenure ended since May of this year (2015).

Consequently, all actions taken by him after his legal tenure ended are effectively none and void. The NYENON-BARLUE TEAM and Chairman Gaye are therefore calling for the appointment of an interim administration to lead us into elections.

We are not prepared to participate in elections under a Barway kangaroo Elections Commission appointed by an illegal administration.

Notwithstanding, the NYENON-BARLUE TEAM and Chairman Gaye are calling for an immediate and thorough investigation of all of our claims.

Mr. Chairman,  we wish to again re-emphasize that governance must always be done with the consent of the governed especially within a non-profit voluntary organization as ours.

Our action is in pursuant to Article V Section 3(L) of the GGAA National Constitution.

Please note that what is not done legally is not done at all. With this said we are fully prepared to answer any question you may have or clarification you may seek. We respectfully submit.





“I urge you to do something differently to fight corruption in our community organizations starting with the Kanneh Gwedeh Association (KGAA) in the Americas.”

This was the challenge thrown to the people of the Kanneh Clan, one of the sixteen sub-sections within the Krahn ethnic group of Grand Gedeh County.

The challenge was threw out when he served as Keynote Speaker at the fourth National Convention of the Kanneh Gwedeh Association in the Americas.

Nyenon, who is also the Publisher & Managing Editor of the Independent Eye News (IEN), blamed the Elders and Women for defending those who willfully engage in corrupt acts for their own selfish gains.

Instead of being outraged and holding those engaged in corruption accountable, Mr. Nyenon pointed out, the people who are the direct victims of those perpetrators masquerading as community leaders are the same ones who paradoxically rush to their defense.

Below is the full text of Mr. Nyenon’s speech unedited:






I must begin by saying how very grateful, delighted and honored I am to have been chosen among hundreds of others to serve as your KEYNOTE SPEAKER during your forth annual National Convention here in the twin cities, in the great state of Minnesota.

As a Journalist, Community Leader and one who is very much interested in the development of our county and all of its sections and sectors, I have followed with keen interest the activities of the KANNEH GWEDEH ASSOCIATION IN THE AMERICAS (KGAA).

I have followed the programs dedicated to helping your members as well as our brothers and sisters back home and what I have learned over the years is your remarkable dedication to your youthful organization and to the service of all the people of the Kanneh clan.

It does not matter to you whether or not they are from Tufer, Gbadea, Menyeah and Gbabo blee and even those who are not Kanneh- speaking or born to Kanneh parents, but who have chosen to live among the Kanneh people can bear living testimony to your generosity and you ought to be proud of that.


As many people may not be aware, the people of the KANNEH CLAN are one of the original ethnic sub-sections among the sixteen sub-sections of the Krahn ethnic groups in Grand Gedeh County. Your unique role in the county’s history cannot be overemphasized, though may be overlooked from time to time, it can never be destroyed.

If other people do not know that the Kannehs are one of the original sub-sections of the Krahn ethnic group in the County, those of us who follow history know those facts very well and will continue to beat those drums of history by educating others about it. You need to be proud and boast about that as well.

The Kannehs, like the Glalues, the Krahn ethnic sub-section which I belong to, have one thing in common and that is, we both fall in the minority category. As a result, our voices are usually drowned among the majority, but that should never discourage or deter us as a people.

If we are to be counted as people of substance, rather than just people of numbers, my advice to us is to always strive to make our voices and presence felt by not holding back our contributions first and foremost to our people and peoples of the world and only the SKY should be our limit.

We must continue to play distinguishable roles in our respective communities. The Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas for example, at age 40, has the longest life span of all county-wide organizations in the Americas. For this, we should all be proud.


Your fourth annual National Convention came to the twin cities at the time the Minnesota Chapter of the Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas (GGAA), is due to hold its executive leadership elections within the next three or four weeks.

In this light, I bring you greetings from the NYENON-BARLUE PRESIDENTIAL AND VICE PRESIDENTIAL TEAM as you joyously celebrate the fourth anniversary of the development and growth of your organization, the Kanneh Gwedeh Association in the Americas.

As a presidential contestant in this race, I am very, very, proud to announce to you tonight that I have chosen one of your distinguished sons in the person of Mr. Fred Barlue, as my Vice Presidential running mate. Mr. Barlue, please stand to be recognized. So you see; two minorities among the majority.

I want to let you know that you should not to be surprised if you heard minutes after the elections results are announced declaring Messrs. Tarnyon Nyenon and Fred Barlue been overwhelmingly elected, or elected by acclimation as the next executive leadership of the Minnesota Chapter of the Grand Gedeh Association in the Americas.

This is not because we know it all or because we have all the answers to all of our problems, but because of the roles we play and the way we conduct ourselves in our community in spite of the fact that we are both of the minority category. With all that said, we still need your vote to make it happen.

I must emphasize that Grand Gedeans are open-minded people. When we tell you, we are for you, that is a surety bond. You are guaranteed our votes, but when we say, we are opposed to you, that is also a surety bond. You can be a King or Queen, we will vote against you with our consciences.

Liberia’s current President, Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf is my living witness on this one. Grand Gedeans overwhelmingly voted against her not once, but twice.

Firstly, as a presidential candidate in 2005 and secondly as a sitting President in 2011. That is enough proof that we Grand Gedeans are not cowards, we are people of our word. When we say it, we mean it, so we are proud to be Grand Gedeans.


Accountability, especially FINANCIAL ACCOUNTABILITY, is the cancel that is eating the very fabric of almost all Liberian Community Organizations here in the Diaspora.

Community leaders organize programs and raise thousands of United States dollars, which could undertake gigantic projects to help our people back home in Liberia, but at the end of the day, all of those dollars end up in the pockets of those purported leaders, most especially the presidents.

As a Journalist by profession, I am speaking to you from experience, I have reported on numerous Liberian Community organizations’ lack of financial accountability. There is practically zero system in financial management within Liberian community organizations.

The Independent Eye News (IEN) of which I am the Publisher & Managing Editor, has received threats of nearly eight lawsuits against us, simply for reporting on corruption in our communities, but not a single one of them ever materialized by entering the walls of a court room.

All of us are responsible one way or the other for how corruption is practiced and sustained within our community organizations.

When I as a Glalue man becomes National President of the Grand Gedeh Association for example, goes ahead and make my own decision to eat the community’s money without consulting anybody within the Glalue Community, it does not matter.

When the rest of the people try to bring me to justice, then all my Glalue people line up in my defense simply because I belong to that Krahn ethnic section.

If the person who is leading the challenge against my lack of financial accountability style of leadership is a Kanneh man or woman, then I try to make it appear like a fight between the Glalue people and the Kanneh people rather than about my unilateral decision to steal.

With this scenario, then our Elders step in and say to us, “Our children, your stop this kind of thing. Glalue people and Kanneh people are all one people, so your stop fighting among yourselves.”

For our women, they are always willing to pay whatever we charge them as community leaders, but after they pay their hard earned money and we eat it instead of doing what we promised we would do, they are the same ones who are usually the first to come to our defense.

They will start quarrelling and asking us the men; “Your can’t forget this one thing now? That the first man who now eat our money self?” Whole day that this one thing your be on now?”

“That your politics thing there, your must carry it on that side.The man already apologized and all. What else your want him to do now? We part we just here to have fun ohoo.”

When we hear these kinds of remarks from people who are suppose to be outraged, it beats my imagination. So all of bear some responsibility for condoning and sustaining corruption within our communities. With this kind of scenario, then everybody backs off and I go scot freed.

With all of these scenarios just illustrated, my question to the Kannah Gwedeh Association in the Americas is, what can you do differently to at least curtail this cancerous disease if not eradicate it completely?

Here is my suggestion on what we expect our elders and women who constitute the majority to say and do; “We entrusted Mr. Nyenon with our money and he betrayed that trust, he must be held accountable and must bear the full weight of the law to serve as deterrence.”

This is my challenge to you. I urge you to do something differently to fight corruption in our community organizations starting with the Kanneh Gwedeh Association in the Americas.


On the issue of good old, un-failing virtues of UNITY, respect and cooperation, my discussion with you tonight is on how you can create the necessary environment to bring all of your people and pull all your resources together to implement your plans and achieve your goals.

History has taught us over and over and again, that no people, no organization, divided against itself has ever succeeded. Your organization and the Kanneh people as a whole need the contributions of all of its sons and daughters.

No one clan or group, no matter how much educated people it has, or how wealthy they are, can do it alone. To achieve your goals as an organization you must work together; your leaders must work hard to tap into the contributions and expertise of all of your members. This means unity and respect for one another must be paramount as well.

In a voluntary organization as yours, where nobody achieves any personal material benefit or is compelled to participate and to contribute, people need to be motivated and inspired to participate and contribute their talents and hard earned resources.

Many times in these little community organizations there is a tendency for a few people to disrespect and overlook others because of their level of formal western education, or social status that they feel others are not up to their standards.

This, my people, is a source of conflict and division and I want to admonish you, leaders and rank and file members alike, to stay away from falling into this temptation. We all have different gifts and we all have different expertise and opportunities.

The fact that some in our midst might have had the opportunity to acquire formal education of higher degrees doesn’t mean that we should overlook those who did not. The unfortunate ones too are important and have important contributions to make.

By bringing everybody into the one tent of unity you will be in a better position to achieve the goals of your organization. Unity, my people, is very important if we as a people must achieve our goals.

Look at your fingers; some are longer than others and some are even bigger but they all have important roles to play in whatever tasks we want to perform with our hands. Try lifting something without you smallest finger or even your index finger; it will be difficult, if not impossible to do.

This should tell us that no matter how small any one member of our community is, he or she has an important role to play in society.

Like our fingers all of our members, no matter the height of their education or the size of their wallets or bank accounts, are important parts of our organizations.

We will achieve more by bringing everybody together and listening to everybody, even if and when we disagree with them.

Great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and Nelson Mandela- succeeded not only because they were able to set big and bold ideas and agenda.

They succeeded because they combined their big, bold ideas with the strategy of bringing people together and convincing them to join by following them in implementing those big, bold visions.

That is what transformational leadership entails. Unity my fellow Kanneh people, is the key to our success and the success of all.









There has been a consistent drum beat on the OLM Board from one of its most outspoken Members, Emmanuel Nyemah from the left, for the organization’s organic law, the current constitution to be implemented to its letter and intent.

Mr. Nyemah’s latest advocacy is about the failure of OLM Board Chair, Chris Gyudewdweh Wisner, to appoint a Special Ad Hoc Election Comission to fill the vacancy created as a result of the passing of the organization’s Vice Chair, Daniel Francis Saydee.

Article VII, Section 8.15 of the OLM Constitution under “Board Vacancies” reads in part: “Vacancies on the Board of Directors shall be filled by special Ad Hoc election within 30 days.”

Mr. Saydee passed away on Friday, June 5. From that date to Sunday, July 5 is exactly one month, (30) days thus completing the constitutional time frame within which a Special Ad Hoc Elections Commission should have been appointed to hold election.

From Sunday, July 5, to Thursday, August 13, is thirty-eight days (one month, eight days) way beyond the constitutional framework as required under Article VIII, Section 8.15.

Nyemah vowed during the Saturday, August 8 Board leadership election to replace Mr. Saydee as Vice Chairman of the Board saying, “I will never rest until this constitutional requirement is met.”

He also told the Independent Eye News (IEN), in an exclusive interview after the election that he suspects the Wisner Administration is plotting to continue to delay the replacement of Mr. Saydee as a Member of the OLM Board until December this year.

Research by the IEN shows that elections for five seats including that of Mr. Saydee, were slated to be held in December this year, before he (Saydee) passed away.

Nyemah pointed out that any further delay in appointing the Special Ad Hoc Elections Commission is a violation arguing, “the OLM Constitution must be respected at all times; whether or not there was only one day left for the unexpired tenure of Mr. Saydee.”

“I cannot in clear conscious sit on the Board speechlessly while our organic law, the constitution which all of us as Board Members, took oath to uphold, protect and defend, being violated.” Nyemah emphasized.

We, the Editorial Board of the Independent Eye News completely agree with Mr. Nyemah’s disposition that in spite of the limitation of the remaining term of Mr. Daniel Frances Saydee, a Special Ad Hoc Elections Commission must be appointed in line with the current constitution.

While we credit the Wisner Administration for swiftly constituting a Constitution Review Commission (CRC) to amend the OLM current constitution, every provision contained therein, must be upheld until at such time the amendment process is completed.

The Wisner Administration or any other administration for that matter, should never substitute a constitutional requirement for any expediency, political, or otherwise, by using its discretionary authority without any constitutional backing.

Constitutions are written as set of rules to govern people as such; they should never be used as instruments for the political convenience of those charged with the responsibility of upholding them.

Accordingly, the Editorial Board of the Independent Eye News supports Board Member, Emmanuel Nyemah’s position by urging the Wisner Administration to act appropriately.

We urge Chairman Wisner to move swiftly and immediately constitute the Special Ad Hoc Elections Commission to fulfill that constitutional requirement.

Better still, if the Wisner Administration feels otherwise, we urge it to convene a Board meeting for the sole purpose of passing a resolution with compelling reasons to delay the elections, for the remaining ninety days of Mr. Saydee’s unexpired tenure.

Firstly, the Wisner Administration could argue that since there is no real incentive to excite anybody to want to invest his/her money in a contest for a non-salary earning position only to serve ninety (90) day, the elections should be delayed for that period.

Secondly, it could also argue that holding elections for such a brief period of time could prove counterproductive and undermine the Unity of Purpose of the Minnesota Libeiran Community.

Thirdly, the series of tragedies occasioned by the murdered of little Barway Collins and the sudden death of Vice Chairman, Daniel Francis Saydee, bear testimony to the ninety-day delay.

With these compelling arguments, we, the Editorial Board of the Independent Eye News, believe the rest of the Board Members are not oblivious or insensitive to the realities on the ground to the extent of becoming intransigent.

We believe the rest of the Board Members, most especially Board Member, Emmanuel Nyemah will be very reasonable  to these compelling arguments. As such, we are urging Chairman Wisner to act appropriately.





“History will be their judge!” these were the stinging rebuke dished out by Mr. Chris Gyudedweh Wisner, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota (OLM), on the behavior of some senators within the Liberian Government.

 The remarks were contained in his “State of Affairs’ speech on the OLM, at program marking the 168th Independence Day Anniversary of the Republic of Liberia.

Chairman Wisner made direct reference to the behavior of some Liberian Senators during the ebola epidemic in Liberia’s western county in February, 2014. He spoke at the Excell Academy in Brooklyn Park on Saturday, August 1.

Although the OLM Chief Executive did not mention the Liberian senators in question, research by the Independent Eye News (IEN), recalled it was Senators, Cletus Watterson and John Barlue of Grand Kru and Maryland Counties respectively.

During the Ebola outbreak which claimed the lives of some 4,000 Liberians, Senator Watterson reportedly said President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf was only inventing the existence of the deadly virus only as a design to secure money from the International Community.

For his part, Maryland County Senator, John Barlue was quoted as saying confirming the news of the existence of the deadly disease in Lofa County, could cause severe food shortages in the Liberian capital, Monrovian since according to him, Lofa is considered the breadbasket of Liberia.

Many described the remarks by the two senators as not only reckless, but insensitive to the plight of their fellow compatriots. The two Liberian Legislators have since lost their senate seats to their challengers during the mid-term elections.

This year’s keynote Speaker was Mr. Armah Zulu Jallah, current President Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate.

Political Observers say Chairman Wisner’s speech might have been purposely timed to coincide with the Senate President Pro-Tempore’s presence to make it have message desired result. 

Attached is the full text of OLM BOARD CHAIRMAN CHRIS Wisner’s

July 26,2015 SPEECH unedited.

“Hon. Amy Klobachar, Minnesota U.S Senator,

Hon. Armah Z . Jallah, President Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate & Keynote Speaker

Hon. Jackson George, Honorary Council/ State of Minnesota

Hon. Jeffry Lunde, Mayor of the City of Brooklyn Park

Current & Past Officers of the OLM

Members of the Liberian Interfaith Association

Mr. Abrahim Bah, Chairman & Members of Liberia’s 2015 Independence Day Committee

Madam First Lady of the OLM, Anna Madia-Wisner

Distinguished Ladies & Gentlemen


Since our election as Members of the board and subsequently following my election as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota (OLM), I pledged to do whatever it takes to ensure the OLM under my leadership is strengthened to serve our community more efficiently.

It is public knowledge that, we as the new leadership of the OLM Board at the time, inherited arrears including Organization Association dues in the tune of fourteen thousand dollars ($14,000).

However, our predecessors successfully negotiated a Confession of Judgment Agreement to pay back some of the amount owed by the OLM.

Ladies and gentlemen, I like to again use this opportunity to encourage all Liberian Community Organizations including Counties, Districts and tribal groups, to contribute for the complete the debt payment to avoid losing the current OLM structure.

According to available data at the Minnesota Bureau of Statistics, Liberians living within the state of Minnesota are in excess of 35,000.

As your elected Leader, I will be the first to admit that we have not been totally successful in motivating our people to make their monthly membership due payments to the OLM. For this, I take full responsibility.

Equally, if each Liberian were to contribute at least $10 per month as membership dues, we would have raised $350,000 monthly.

As a result, the OLM has been grappling with not being able to adequately assist our people with immigration, and other services.

I therefore challenge every Liberian to be current with their Membership dues payment which could be claimed in their income tax returns.

In 12 months’ time, the OLM would have realized $4, 200,000 four million, two hundred thousand. Besides the above means of generating revenue, there are other means through which we could secure grants to supplement the OLM’s financial strength under the 501-C3 tax exempt status.

The question now is, will we take the challenge of raising $4.2 million through the payment of only ($10.00) a month to eliminate our ($14, 000) debt and be left with $3Million dollars plus

remaining in our account to help provide services to our people; Or do we risk losing our current OLM Building by playing the blame game? I say a BIG NO! We can do better than that Liberians.



As a further manifestation of my desire to see the OLM flourish, my administration solicited the voluntary services of thirteen distinguished Liberians with diverse professional backgrounds.

Their taskto undertake a very tedious and time consuming task of amending our organic law; the Constitution of the Organization of Liberians in Minnesota (OLM).

Without any hesitation, these distinguished Liberians consented to serve on the OLM Constitution Review Commission (CRC).

They commenced their work under the leadership of a Community leader and veteran Liberian Journalist, Tarnyon Nyenon. Mr. Nyenon will you please stand to be recognized? Audience please give an applause.

Our primary objective for prioritizing the amendment of the OLM Constitution was not to discredit the work of our past leaders, but to improve upon what they started by making the OLM Constitution more inclusive.

My administration was especially focused on the Community having a more visible and pro-active role in determining the way forward.

After a little over three months of the Commission’s work, I am pleased to report that the Nyenon Commission has partially completed face one of the exercise and is about to commence face two, which is considered the most challenging aspect.

Face two according to the Commission, is to extend an open invitation to the entire Minnesota Liberian Community for its full participation in the amendment process.

The Community is expected to advance proposals and/or suggestions on what is needed in the new amended constitution before it is presented to us as a finished product.

My fellow Citizens, the task is now yours which is the public referendum to make the final determination whether or not, you want us to continue with the OLM Board of Directors system, or to revert to the presidency?

Some community Members have expressed appreciation for the Board of Directors system claiming it helps the organization solicit more grants to provide services to our community.

The proponents of the Board system also claim that it takes away the political rivalry which existed between the Executive and the Board during the presidential system.

However, an overwhelming number of our community Members have countered argued that the Board of Directors system has done more harm to our community than good, because they opined that the Board system promoted more divisions in our community.

They argued that there is a notion that every Member of the Board is equally equal as such; the chair is only a “SPOKESMAN.” This is the source of the Board’s inefficiency.

They further argued that as a result of the collective Board leadership, it is very difficult if not impossible to work together to raise funds to hire a full time paid Executive Director owing to the continued in-fighting on the Board.


Honorable Ladies and Gentlemen, after a number of successive OLM administrations for the establishment of a Consulate Office in the state of Minnesota, dating as far back as the Wilfred Harris, Martha Samdo, Kerpeh Dwayan, Presidency.

It continued through the chairmanships of  Dr. Clarence Yaskey, Richard Sunda, Prof. Zubah Kpanaku and now ours. This is a clear indication that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

During my inaugural address, I also reemphasized the need for the consulate office to supplement the efforts of the Liberian embassy and serve the demanding needs of Liberians in the Midwest.

With Liberia’s Ambassador, Jeremiah C. Sulunteh at the head of the Liberian diplomatic Mission near the United States capital of Washington D. C, all went well.

I am pleased to report that following a thorough screening process under the watchful eyes of Amb. Sulunteh, a young Liberian community entrepreneur in the person of Mr. Jackson George, emerged successful as the new Honorary Counsel.

He was chosen amongst other three qualified and competitive aspirants. Mr. George will you please stand to be recognized? Audience please give an applause.

While we are excited about the fact that the Consulate is to be located in the state of Minnesota, we are even more excited that it will be providing services to Liberians not only in the state of Minnesota.

Liberians in the entire mid-western region of the United States and neighboring Canada will equally be served commencing effective as of September 1, 2015.


My fellow Liberians, I am also pleased to again announce, that the city of Brooklyn Park through its Police Department, has allocated five vacancies for interested Liberians with no criminal records to apply for these excellent opportunities.

Additionally Mayor Jeffery Lunde informed me that besides the police vacancies, there are other vacancies which Liberians could take advantage of.

Most unfortunately however, after almost three months following these offers, it is with a high degree of disappointment that not a single Liberian has come forth to take advantage of any of these job opportunities.

Notwithstanding, I am again urging the Liberian Community not to allow these opportunities to slip away or else we will have ourselves to blame. It must be noted that these offers are not open ended.


As the Minnesota Liberian Community continues to grow on a daily basis and in line with my pledge to serve this community with every fiber of my being, we have been searching intensely to secure a larger Liberian community center.

Our goal is to secure a Community Center which will accommodate most of our needs in various ways including, but not limited to; Child Day Care, Career Day Program, Computer Literacy Skills Classes, Community Programs, Community Meetings, Recreational Activities etc.


My fellow compatriots, I am again pleased to report that as part of our commitment to serving our community, we were able to organize an intercessory program marking the 168th Independence of Africa’s oldest Republic, our beloved Republic of Liberia.

What was amazing about this year’s festivities is the fact that for the first time in the forty-six years old history of the OLM, Liberians of the two major faiths, Christianity and Islam under the banner of the Inter-faith Ministerial Association, held a joint intercessory program under the auspices of the OLM.

A classic example of our religious tolerance was also displayed during the tragic deaths of little Barway Collins and our OLM Board Co-Chair, Daniel Saydee.

I must emphasize here that this is a very significant development because it demonstrates our high degree of unity and religious tolerance as has been the case in the motherland.

For once, at least this is one good thing we brought with us here in the United States. It must also be pointed out that religious tolerance has never been a problem among Liberians.

What also makes it most important this time around is, it underscores our UNITY OF PURPOSE as Liberians in the Diaspora despite our many differences as a nation state.

I like to use this opportunity to thank Imams, Mohammed Dukuly and Abrahim Bar and Pastors Alphonso Johnson and J. Nyeme Wilson, Members of the Liberia Minister Association for this development. Will the named Imams and Prelates please stand to be recognized? Audience please give an applause.


We like to again use this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank our American hosts some of whom are Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center City Mayors, Jeffery Lunde and Tim Wilson respectively.

Others are; Brooklyn Park Fire Service Chief, Tim and other nationals, for always standing by us in times of crisis. This was demonstrated during the deadly EBOLA epidemic in our motherland, Liberia.

Americans, both civilians and Members of the Armed Services, rose up to the occasion and combated the deadly virus with their very lives and economic power.

The United States Government under the Presidency of His Excellency, Barrack Obama, physically committed nearly four thousand young American troops on Liberian soil, to combat the deadly virus.

We are very grateful to President Obama and the American people for this humanitarian gesture. Many more Liberians could have perished, as was the case of the nearly four thousand others.

We were ignorant to the deadliness of the virus and lacked the knowledge and capacity to fight it.

However, after it became cleared that citizens were dying daily in Foya District, Lofa County, some of our political leaders in Liberia, tried to play politics with the news of the viciousness of the virus, but “HISTORY WILL BE THEIR JUDGE”

Finally, with the remaining few months of my administration, I still remain committed to our pledge to working towards encouraging an African Immigrant Coalition to advocate for a greater representation on the city councils of both Brooklyn Park and Brooklyn Center.










Amidst enormous public pressure and the continued daily corruption music in her administration, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf’s axe has finally fallen, leaving her alleged corrupt Auditor-General, Robert Kilby in the wilderness.

Other head that rolled along with Kilby is that of the Director-General of the General Services Agency (GSA), Ms. Pearine Davis-Pakinson, who conspired with Kelby in their alleged thievery against the Liberian People. Read the President’s self explanatory statement for details. 

For the benefit of our readership, the Editorial Board of the Independent Eye News (IEN), has elected to publish verbatim, unedited the statement from President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf regarding her unusual, but  dramatic decisions. Below is the full text.

“Fellow Citizens:

After review of documentary evidence over the weekend, I am today formally requesting the concurrence of the Honorable Legislature to dismiss the Auditor General, Robert Kilby, for failure to disclose private business activities that represent a clear conflict of interest with his official duties as Head of the institution with prime responsibility to investigate and advise on non-compliance with our public financial management and procurement laws.

I am communicating to the Legislature the causes for this dismissal.

For the same reason, I am dismissing the Director General of the General Services Agency, Ms. Pearine Davis-Pakinson, who approved those contracts in violation of our procurement laws and procedures.

In an unrelated matter relating to Human Trafficking, based on investigation by the Ministry of Justice, I am dismissing the Deputy Minister of Justice for Administration and Public Safety, Col. Freddie Taylor; the Deputy Commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration for Operations, Mr. Robert Budy; and the Director of Border Management, Cllr. Wilson Garpeh.

A team to be headed by the Minister of Labour is instructed to conduct further investigation on additional measures that may be taken and on the role and action to be taken against the former Solicitor General, Cllr. Micah Wright; the Commissioner of the Bureau of Immigration and Naturalization; and the Honorary Consul, Upjit Sachdeva.

Also on an unrelated matter, I am suspending, pending an investigation, the Deputy Minister for Public Works for Operations, Mr. Victor Smith, for failure to adhere to the public procurement and financial rules of the Government as relates to the awarding of construction contracts.

Join me in our continued fight against corruption.”

After taken step one, Observers say it remains to be seen whether or not the President will muster the courage to take step two, by going beyond the dismissals and forwarding the names to the Ministry of Justice for prosecution. The world is watching.






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Liberia, considered as the United States’ “Step Child,” has been listed on what has been described by Political Observers as the United States’ “Living Will.”

As a result of this latest development, the United States and her partners have committed to work with an initial set of ‘Power Africa’ partner countries.

The countries among which Liberia was listed include Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Nigeria and Tanzania. The objective is to make electricity accessible to these countries.

The United States, the only super power now left on the face of the planet earth at the moment, said it was desirous of helping these countries because they have set ambitious goals for electric power generation.

 The United States pointed out that the listed countries are also making the utility and energy sector reforms to pave the way for investment and growth.

Additionally, Power Africa will also partner with two other African Countries including Uganda and Mozambique on responsible oil and gas resources management.

This pronouncement was made by United States President, Barrack Obama, in the Tanzanian capital, Del El Salem, on Monday, July 1, while on a three day official visit on the African Continent.

 The Power Africa initiative is a new one designed to double access to electric power in sub-Saharan Africa, a region in which more than two-third of its population is without electricity and more than 85 percent of those living in rural areas lack complete access.

The U.S. Government says Power Africa will build on the African continent’s enormous power potential, which is being harnessed by new discoveries of vast reserves of oil and gas.

The US maintains that the potential to develop clean geothermal, hydro, wind and solar energy, will help countries develop newly-discovered resources responsibly; build up power generation, transmission and expand the reach of mini-grid and off-grid solutions.

However, the International Energy Agency (IEA) pointed out that sub-Saharan Africa will require over three hundred billion United States dollars (US$300B) in investment to achieve universal electricity access by 2030.

The International Energy Agency also emphasized that this ambitious Power Africa’ goal can be achieved “Only with greater private sector investment, with an initial set of six partner countries in its first phase.

The US further points out that Power Africa will add more than 10,000 megawatts of cleaner, more efficient electricity generation capacity and will increase electricity access by at least 20 million new households.

Commercial entities with on-grid, mini-grid, and off-grid solutions, as well as enhanced energy resource management capabilities, allowing partner countries to meet their critical energy needs will help achieve greater energy security.”

The U S says it will commit more than $7 billion in financial support over the next five years to this effort, and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) will provide $285 million in technical assistance, grants and risk mitigation.

USAID says it will help advance private sector energy transactions and also help African Governments adopt and implement the policy and other reforms necessary to attract private sector investment in the energy and power sectors.

In this direction, the US Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) will commit up to $1.5 billion in financing and insurance to energy projects in sub-Saharan Africa, while the U.S. Export-Import Bank (Ex-Im) will make available up to $5 billion in support of U.S. exports for the development of power projects across sub-Saharan Africa,

“The OPIC and the U.S. Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) will provide up to $20 million in project preparation, feasibility and technical assistance grants to develop renewable energy projects.

These efforts will be coordinated through the U.S. – Africa Clean Energy Finance Initiative (US-ACEF) and supported by the recently launched U.S. – Africa Clean Energy Development and Finance Center (CEDFC) in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The U.S. African Development Foundation (USADF) will launch a $2 million Off-Grid Energy Challenge to provide grants of up to $100,000 to African-owned and operated enterprises to develop or expand the use of proven technologies for off-grid electricity benefitting rural and marginal populations.”

In 2014, OPIC and USAID will jointly host an African energy and infrastructure investment conference which will bring investors, developers and companies together with U.S. and African government officials.

This is intended to demonstrate the opportunities for investment and the tools and resources available from the U.S. government and other partners to support investment.

According to the US Government, the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) will invest up to $1 billion in African power systems through its country compacts to increase access.

This will enhance the reliability and sustainability of electricity supply through investments in energy infrastructure, policy and regulatory reforms and institutional capacity building.

Power Africa will also leverage private sector investments, beginning with more than $9 billion in initial commitments from private sector partners to support the development of more than 8,000 megawatts of new electricity generation in sub-Saharan Africa.

Power Africa will bring to bear a wide range of U.S. government tools to support investment in Africa’s energy sector, from policy and regulatory best practices, to pre-feasibility support.

It will further enhance capacity building, to long-term financing, insurance, guarantees, credit enhancements and technical assistance Power Africa will provide coordinated support to help African partners expand their generation capacity and access.






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Liberia has reportedly flunked the African Union’s (AU) benchmark agreed upon in April of 2001 to allocate at least fifteen percent (15%) of their respective countries’ annual fiscal budgets to the health sector.

As a further manifestation of their commitment the April 2001 agreement the African Leaders reaffirmed the agreement at a Special Summit in 2006 and at the 15th Extra Ordinary Assembly of the African Union held in July 2010.

The Heads of State and Governments of the African Union met in the Nigerian capital, Abuja and committed to allocate at least 15% of their national budget of the health sector, unfortunately for Liberia, it is a dream yet to come true.

A group of the Liberian Civil Society Organizations unmasked the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf administration for its miserable failure to live up to that very vital agreement aimed at saving the lives of thousands if not millions of Liberians.

The Liberia Civil Society National Budget and Human Rights Forum (LCSNB & HRF) which comprises ten Civil Society Organizations expressed regrets that Liberia is unable to meet her commitment, as a very important Member of the AU.

The group then listed countries which according to its statistics met that benchmark and even went beyond while Liberia is yet to be in compliance. Countries which met the benchmark by 2012 included: Rwanda (18.8%), Botswana (17.8%), Niger (17.8%), Malawi (17. %), Zambia (16.4%), and Burkina Faso (15.8%).

The Liberian Civil Society group pointed out that only Botswana, Rwanda and Niger are in the top ten best performance economic growth rates in Africa according to a February 15, 2013 report released by the African Union and the United Nations.

This revelation was contained in a briefing Paper #3 delivered to the National Legislature and the Cabinet officials responsible for public financial management during a July 3 news conference.

The paper was delivered on behalf of the group by Mr. Prince Kreplah, Executive Director of the Citizens United to Promote Peace and Democracy in Liberia (CUPPADL), at his organization’s offices in the Liberian capital, Monrovia.

The group suggested that the way forward now is for the Legislature to use its wisdom and authority and increase the health sector’s budget by an additional US$27,910, 321, for Liberia to close the gap and become compliance with its AU commitment.

The group also demanded that the National Legislature restores the Midwife Compensation Funds (MCF) to enable Midwives become more effective in delivering pregnant women at all times.






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The House of Representatives (HOR)’s Standing Committee on Ways, Means & Finance has ordered the Acting Mayor of the city of Monrovia, Cllr. Henry Reed Cooper out of its chambers for his reported uncouth behavior.

The Acting Mayor, who appeared before the House’s Committee to defend the Monrovia City  Corporation’s (MCC) 2012/2013 Fiscal budget, elected to lecture the Committee on who should or should not become the Mayor of Monrovia.

Instead of discussing the budget from the Monrovia City Corporation, Cllr. Cooper elected to advocate for the return of the disgraced and ousted former Acting City Mayor Mary Broh.

Cooper told House Committee with a straight face saying, “I support the coming back of Madam Mary Broh as Mayor of the City of Monrovia. “The problem we are facing with city’s cleanliness now, started long before Mary Broh and will continue.”

“Mary Broh did a very good job at the City Corporation and in fact, I support the coming back of Broh. The major problem we have is beyond Mary Broh. The constitution of the Republic of Liberia calls for the appointment of a City Mayor.

At this point, he was re-directed by Bong County’s Unity Party’s 3rd District Rep. Prince Moye, who Co-Chairs the Committee to focus on the MCC’s budget before it, Cllr. Cooper appeared dump founded and denied any knowledge of any budget from the MCC.

“Mr. Chairman those documents were given to you by one of my people, not by me.” The former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Liberia, stunned the House’s Committee with his divertion and unsolicited narratives.

“I have no knowledge of any budget document before this Committee. If there is any document (budget), such documents must have been presented by some staffs of the Monrovia City Corporation and not me.” He argued

Rep. Moye then told in his face in an angry mood saying, “You don’t come here to make fun of us, we are not here to joke or play.” Rep Moye then re-directed the Acting Mayor to discuss the documents (budget) presented to the committee from the MCC.

“Honorable Acting Mayor, if you come to appear before this committee, it means you have come to defend your budget and to tell us how you spent the money that was given to you.” Rep. Moye reminded Acting Mayor Cooper.

As a result of Cooper’s apparent inability to acknowledghe let alone defend what appeared to have been a budget from the Monrovia City Corporation, seemingly promted the House Committee to boot him alone with his team out of the House’s Chambers on grounds that he was unprepared to defend his budget.

The bizarre behavior of Cllr. Cooper was quickly attributed to President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, who Critics say is very crafty in using her Advocates to stir up controversy as was the case of her Executive Protection Service (EPS), Director Othello Warren

Cllr. Cooper’s bizarre behavior by advocating the return of Mary Broh rather than discussing the MCC’s 2012/2013 Fiscal Budget might have been trickled by comments made earlier during the week by the President on the possible return of Mary Broh as Acting Mayor of Monrovia again.

While responding to a question on State Radio about the possibility of Mary Broh’s return to City Hall, the President said, “Mary is a good person, she did well for the city I hope she will continue to serve in that same capacity.”

Also suffering the same fate at the hands of the House’s Committee on Ways, Means & Finance as was Acting Mayor Cooper, was Madam Cyvette Gibson, Mayor of the Paynesville City Corporation (PCC) who was booted out of the House Chamber on Thursday, July 4.

For her part, Mayor Gibson was thrown out of the public hearing for what the House’s Ways, Means & Finance  Committee described as a sloppy report which lacks any details explanation about how the money allotted the PCC was spent.

In the face of such failure, the Mayor attempted to prevail on the Committee to increase the Paynesville City’s budget. She seemingly attempted to play on public sentiments by stressing the dire need for more funding to help tackle the sanitary condition of the city.

The issue of sanitation in Paynesville has been the talk of the town as many communities in the area are being gradually taken over by piles of garbage. The PCC is struggling to remove its garbage, but lacks the capacity. However, she was called to order by a Committee Members who described her report as sloppy and lacks any accountability in its expenditure component.

She was then ordered out of the House Chambers for her failure to provide a comprehensive report about how monies allocated to the PCC in the 2012/2013 budget were expended. The two Mayors were advised to prepare for reappearance on Monday July 8.






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